If You Can Squeeze It,
We Can Freeze It.

Meet The Founders Of Lokkima

From a shared joke to a shared business, Marildia and Alan developed Lokkima from the ground up.

This is how they did it.

Meet Marildia 

At the tender age of 13, born and bred Capetonian Mareldia Jones, decided that she would like to become an accountant. Currently in her final phase of studying before qualification, her passion to help people far exceeds that of mere numbers. She is a woman who can truly do it all with a smile on her face and a very contagious laugh. After meeting Allan in 2016, she often joked about delving into the cosmetics industry and purchasing a fat freezing machine.
By the end of that very same year, she owned three of them. Due to her professionalism and genuine care for the those that she provided a service to, her clientele of family and friends quickly expanded to the greater public. In February 2017, she opened her first official branch in Durbanville.

In April 2017, Mareldia and Allan became a powerhouse team in the fat freezing industry, with branches including the Westin, The Radisson, Durbanville and most recently, The Foundry.

By this time, she had already taken admirable strides in reaching her own weight loss goals, having lost 25kg after doing 4 sessions of fat freezing! Her personal journey has made it very easy for clients to trust her and to call her a friend. “I enjoy the interaction and how each and every person have secretly left their footprints in my heart.”

Meet Alan

Allan is a force to be reckoned with in the business world. An admired and respected entrepreneur, he enjoys the challenge of opening businesses and finds much satisfaction in bringing new opportunities to South Africa. After qualifying as a teacher, he taught abroad before delving into business ventures – some successful, others not. Taking valuable lessons out of each and every experience, Allan founded Cool Body Sculpting at The Westin in 2012.

Very soon thereafter, he opened another branch at the Radisson Blu Hotel at the Waterfront. Both prime and sought-after locations. After meeting Mareldia in 2016, they became a powerhouse team in the fat freezing industry, with most recent branches including Durbanville and The Foundry. In addition to being a loving father who adores his children, Allan enjoys travelling, watching a good movie and maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle at the gym.