If You Can Squeeze It,
We Can Freeze It.

Welcome To Lokkima

Our new approach to non-invasive beauty and cosmetic services will have you looking and feeling your best all year round.

Target stubborn fat, minimise cellulite, firm your muscles and eliminate wrinkles. 

No matter the issue, our trained staff are on hand to tailor treatments to your specific needs and according to your schedule.

Our Services 
  • Fat Freezing
  • Ems
  • Cavitation
  • Radio Frequency 
  • LED Masks
  • HIFU treatments and more

What Promotions Are Available?

We have great news, we are back in operation!We strictly adhere to the regulations regarding the requirements of a company of our nature, that is in operation within the current COVID-19 lockdown level. Your safety, as well as ours, is really important to us.

Current promotion running up until end of November 2021.

Get all treatments at 50% off.

How Does It Work?

Our procedures reduce stubborn pockets of fat to contour and shape different areas of the body as well as reduce the appearance of cellulite. We use advanced technology that will tighten and improve the appearance of your skin.

With no down time & no pain, we have procedures that are affordable, comfortable and effective. We recommend a combination of treatments for the best result along with following a healthy eating plan. Maintain regular exercise to ensure you see greater results and ensure you lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

FatFreeze Mobile is also available in the comfort of your home.